Growing your business in a smaller world

Open was born in 2001 as the answer to a simple
 question: What would a modern communication
 agency look like in an increasingly smaller world?

We are a group of friends – English copywriters, strategists, web enthusiasts and designers – who have lived and worked at leading agencies in London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Montreal, Madrid, Copenhagen and New York. During our time abroad, we witnessed, first hand, how the network offices often work as separate islands – each taking a very local focus.

A different approach

Seeing a clear need for something different, we decided to create a next-generation agency that could work with clients across borders. Our secret weapon? A small, nimble, international team that could solve complex problems faster – with fewer resources and using English as a base language. No complex networks. No big egos.

Using modern tools

As it happens, we are based in Stockholm, Sweden, a progressive hub of all things digital, mobile and social. Early on, we found that the latest technology could be applied directly to our international work. Scandinavian culture is also very open, non-hierarchal and respectful of others – an approach we find travels well.

For more information please visit open.se

Cover photo credits: 

(1) All rights reserved by Klas Winell, Winell & Co.
(2) All rights reserved by Baloulumix
(3) All rights reserved by Klausiee
(4) All rights reserved by jensescapade

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