New Years Card

Two horses. Two countries. China and Sweden. Falling in love. As all of Asia now prepares to celebrate its Lunar New Year, we wanted to send warm greetings from a cold place up north.

Having spent some time recently in China, Malaysia and Taiwan, we know how important the Lunar New Year is to Chinese people across the region. A cross between American Thanksgiving, Western-style fireworks and the Brazilian Mardi Gras, it’s a classic celebration that just seems to go on and on. What’s really nice is to see how it brings families together for wonderful food, friendship and celebrations.

Dala Horse meets Chinese horse
But this is just the start of our story. Noticing that 2014 is also The Chinese Year of the Horse, our local Chinese zodiac expert, and Art Director, Linda Casserlöv, was struck by the similarity between the Chinese horse and Sweden’s famous wooden Dala horse. Initially used as a toy for children, the Dala Horse has become a symbol of Dalarna, a stunningly beautiful place in northern Sweden where the famous Vasaloppet Ski Race takes place every year. She put the two horses facing each other on a red background, making friends.

Linda Haas Casserlöv

Linda Haas Casserlöv

Greetings of prosperity and longevity
It’s rather interesting, too, since Sweden and China have long had positive and warm relations, with each country having its venerable traditions. So while we don’t have any cool fireworks to add to the Chinese celebration, we’re happy to share this greeting of good fortune, happiness, prosperity and longevity.

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