Photo: Maria Patsyuk

Photo: Maria Patsyuk

Have you noticed? The rules of cross-border communications are changing at light speed. Savvy marketers who have memorized the AIDA model, Philip Kotler’s 5 Ps or Al Ries’ theories may need to rethink a thing or two.

With new social media and other disruptive platforms popping up, companies are under pressure to harness tomorrow’s transformative technology – while keeping their brand stories alive. The old approach of pushing a message out to segmented channels is under debate. Nowadays, you need to be inspiring, remarkable and engage customers in an ongoing dialogue. But who’s in control? And who should be?

Near and dear to our hearts
It’s a topic near and dear to our hearts. That’s why we were delighted to be asked for the second year by Hyper Island, the renowned digital school, to hold an intensive four-hour workshop for 78 Interactive Art Direction students on this topic. One thing we know about Hyper Island is this: Prepare to be surprised by the fantastic energy and maybe learn a thing or two yourselves. This year it was Open Communications’ CEO & Partner Gunilla Lundström together with Open Founder and Creative Director David Gray.

Hyper Island

Here are a few basic tips that we shared with the students:
1. Be true to your brand DNA
2. Differentiate from the competition
3. Strive to add a human, emotional touch
4. Be engaging and entertaining
5. Be part of the online conversation
6. Act like a creative publisher
7. Surprise! Storytelling hasn’t changed much.

Thanks again to our friend Steiner Danielsson over at Doberman, Program Manager Åsa Höistad Jonsgården and Director Johanna Frelin for including us. But mostly a big thanks to the students for being so engaged.

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